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After the Jamboree: THE RECKONING.

Glasgow’s great Year of Culture had more to do with power politics than culture, more to do with millionaire developers than art.
But a debate was opened up and sustained throughout the year which the Labour Council, the festivals unit, the property speculators and entrepreneurs could well have done without.
Here, In The Reckoning, the argument continues. Biting insights into the secret agenda of the ‘New Glasgow’ are combined with fiction inspired by this great city.
Once again the real Glasgow stands up.

Edited by Farquhar McLay
Donald Anderson * Freddy Anderson * Norman Bissell * John Taylor Caldwell * Ned Donaldson * Michael Donnelly * William Gilfedder * Alasdair Gray * James Kelman * Robert Lynn * J.E. Maclnness * Ian McKechnie * Brendan McLaughlin * J.N. Reilly * Hugh Savage * Jeff Torrington * Jack Withers * James D. Young

Clydeside Press
Price: £3.95 ISBN: 1 873586 00